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Feb. 1906

Established as a private enterprise by the first president Bunnosuke Oshima in Naniwa-Ward, Osaka-City manufacturing the Rubber Water Pillow

Jun. 1919 Shinnosuke Oshima assumed the second president.
Started manufacturing the rubber stamp and set up the position as Rubber Company.
Mar. 1945 Headoffice burnt down due to World WarU(Naniwa-Ward, Osaka-City)
Moved to a present factory. (Yamatotakada-City, Nara-Pref.).
Oct. 1947 Set up the Osaka office in the old headoffice aria.
May 1948 Company name changed into "Naniwa Rubber Co.,Ltd."
Minoru Oshima assumed the third president.
Oct. 1950 Started producing PVC goods.
Jan. 1951 Started producing Pharmaceutical rubber closures.
Jan. 1953 Promoted the research and the development of various synthetic rubber processing technologies .
Started producing Electronic rubber parts.
Jun. 1955 Registered JIS (Japan Industrial Standards) for Rubber water pillow.
Mar. 1956 The 50th anniversary of the establishment.
Dec. 1959 Built a new office building in Abeno-Ward, Osaka-City.
Jun. 1962 Built the factory for Latex gloves.
Apr. 1969 Built the factory for Medical devices (Infusion sets and Blood collection bags).
Jan. 1972 Registered JIS (Japan Industrial Standards) for Rubber baby nipples.
Aug. 1976 Built the new plant for the Pharmaceutical rubber closures completely changed in response to GMP
Mar. 1981 The 75th anniversary of the establishment.
Nov. 1984 Set up the clean room at the factory for Pharmaceutical rubber closures.
Oct. 1986 Built the new office building in head office(The 80th anniversary of the establishment).
May. 1987 Yasuharu Oshima assumed the fourth president.
Oct. 1987 Built the factory for the Combination closures of the transfusion container.
Jun. 1989 Built the automatic warehouse for the keeping and shipment of manufacturing products.
Oct. 1993 Built the new factory for increasing orders of the Combination closures.
Feb. 1996 Set up the new corporate logo mark (The 90th anniversary of the establishment).
Nov. 1997 Built the new water treatment plant for the preventing environment.
Nov. 2000 Registered ISO9002 for Pharmaceutical rubber closures and Plastic medical devices.
Sep. 2001 Built the factory for the rubber mixing process in the clean-room.
May 2002 Isao Oshima assumed the fifth president
Oct. 2002 Built the factory for the medical plastic tubing in the clean-room.
Nov. 2003 Registered ISO9001-2000 for Pharmaceutical rubber closures and Plastic medical devices.
Jan. 2006 Built the factory for final high-clean washing the Pharmaceutical rubber closures.
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